Linville River Log Cabins | Pet Policies

As you read our pet policy keep in mind that we understand pets are part of the family. 


Email or call 828-387-6688 to request a COMPLETE copy of our pet contract. Basic info: PET FEE -$115 up to two dogs NOT refundable. Each dog cannot weigh over 50 pounds.

WE LOVE DOGS. However, we cannot accept breeds that are perceived by others as aggressive (i.e. families with children) or high shedding breeds.

Note: When considering the maximum number of guests permitted in cabins, PETS are counted the same as guests for maximum occupancy. One dog is considered one guest. Violating the pet agreement (i.e. over 50 lbs., high shedding, aggressive breeds) is expensive and will incur an automatic $300 charge and you risk being asked to leave with no refund.

Sometimes we require a damage deposit. By telling us about your dog and answering some questions below, a deposit is usually not necessary. It is NOT part of the pet fee. If you have positive references under an AirBnB, Expedia or similar travel account, regarding your pet, it may help to speed the pet approval.

1) What breed is your dog?

2) How much does your dog weigh?

3) Please attach a recent photo with response.

4) What flea and tick control do you use?

5) Send a picture of your “up to date” dog collar tag that must be worn at all times.

6) IS YOUR PET ALLOWED ON FURNITURE OR BED AT HOME? NOT A PROBLEM. Please bring your sheets and blankets for the queen size bed and full-size futon. We will provide covers for the sofa and chair in the living room area and the mattress pad, pillows and pillow cases.

A leash must be used at all times. Pick up all excrement deposits immediately. Dispose of daily.

All Excrement must be picked up and disposed of in tightly sealed bags (plastic grocery bags will suffice).

Bath your dog no earlier than one day before arrival. Bathing you pet in our bathtubs is not permitted. Additional charges are applicable. Sometimes owners are desensitized to the smell of their own dogs. We use two different family-owned cleaning services. Neither owns pets and they can smell dog odor with very little effort. If they smell dog odor then the next guest will be able to as well. Charges can vary and are applicable.

Pets cannot be left unattended at any time. Not outside or inside. They may be left inside a pet transport or portable kennel. The kennel must be visible through the window. If pet(s) are left inside and not kenneled we will attempt to call you. After which we will remove the pet and leash them on the deck. We reserve the right to ask a guest to leave and forfeit all or part of the damage deposit.

*Why must the kennel be visible through the living room door window?

We have experienced costly damages from owners that thought their pet would never chew furniture or curtains or cause any damage whatsoever, because they don’t do it when alone at home. Some, not all, pets can be unpredictable and develop an anxiety when left alone in a new place. To protect our property: If we hear barking but cannot see your pet, we reserve the right to enter the cabin if the guests does not answer the door.

*In the state of North Carolina, by taking possession of vacation rental property,  the guest is bound by all terms, conditions and agreements of the hotel room or property.

Thank you,
LRLC Management