Linville River Log Cabins | Pet Policies

As you read our pet policy keep in mind that we understand pets are part of the family just as any other member.
This is why we are pet friendly and have even recently amended our pet policy to include most breeds and sizes.

Pet Policy

Guests must have prior approval and recent pictures may be requested. Approval is not guaranteed.

Details can be discussed over the phone but guests are not allowed to bring their pets until they receive written authorization from us.

Limit two.

Pet Fees

$50 ea. pet fee up to 25 pounds NON REFUNDABLE
$100 ea. pet fee 26 to 45 pounds NON REFUNDABLE
$125 ea. pet fee 46 pounds and up NON REFUNDABLE

We have been known to ask a guest to step on scales while holding their dog and again without the dog.

We reserve the right and may place a hold of up to $500 on your credit card. This is a damage deposit to cover odor and flea infestation. It is NOT part of the pet fee.

We will ask what flea and tick treatment you use.

Pet Rules

Bath dog(s) the day before arrival.

Use leash at all times and pick up all excrement deposits.

Pets cannot be left unattended at any time either inside or outside the cabin unless they are inside a pet transport or portable kennel. The kennel must be visible through the window. We reserve the right to ask a guest to leave and forfeit part or all of the damage deposit.

All excrement must be picked up and disposed of in tightly sealed bags (plastic grocery bags will suffice) and disposed of in the dumpster located near the show model cabin at our entrance.

Bed linens are removed from the cabin when a guest is instructed to bring their own. This is up to the managers discretion so unless you speak to management & have been granted permission to use our bed linens you MUST bring your own.

This includes the following: sheets, pillowcases and blankets for a queen size bed and the same for the futon sleeper sofa if it will be used as a bed during your stay. Covers for the sofa and chair in the living room area are also required. A couple sheets will work as covers ONLY if you feel no odor will be left on the sofa or chair. If you need to purchase any of these items, please see the Welcome Email PDF for places near us where these items are sold.

We realize things happen. Should a guest arrive without any or all of the above, and doesn’t want to go out to purchase them, we do have some available for guests to rent.

In the state North Carolina by taking possession of a vacation rental property you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions of the owner’s rental policies.

Thank you,
LRLC Management