Emerald Village Western NC
Emerald Village Western NC

Many things make Western North Carolina special. From unforgettable natural wonders like Linville Gorge NC, Linville Falls, and Linville Caverns NC to the more commercial Western North Carolina Attractions like Biltmore Estate Asheville, the Linville NC area in which our Cabins in Pisgah National Forest are located is full of amazing recreational opportunities and unparalleled experiences. Our Blue Ridge Parkway Cabins are in the midst of many of these fabulous opportunities to experience just what makes North Carolina so extraordinary. Gem mining has long been a part of the mountain lifestyle. For centuries, residents of Western North Carolina have sought out and collected the precious stones and metals that wash down from the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, gem mining is a popular Western North Carolina Attraction. The prospect of finding one’s very own treasure is enough to excite even the most subdued individuals. There are many gem mines in Linville NC and the areas that surround our Western NC Cabin Rentals, but to get an authentic gem mining experience, you’ll need to visit Emerald Village in Little Switzerland NC. Just a short drive from our Linville Falls Lodging, Emerald Village consists of several historical attractions, including several authentic mines, the North Carolina Mining Museum, and Discovery Mill.

At the historic Big Deal Mine, guests can partake in a genuine gem mining experience in an underground mine that has produced many valuable gems and minerals over the years. The two covered flumes that run with cold mountain water are perfect for mining for real mountain gems, and the fact that the mine is indoors makes it possible for visitors to search for gems and minerals no matter the weather. There are several different buckets to choose from, most of which have been stocked with a variety of gems, guaranteeing that visitors will not be disappointed. The staff will explain the ins and outs of searching for gems, and Emerald Village’s professional onsite jewelers can even turn your finds into custom keepsakes. What better souvenir to bring back with you to our Cabins Hot Tub Western North Carolina than your very own one-of-a-kind jewelry?

The North Carolina Mining Museum consists of the Visitor Center and the Bon Ami Mine. At the Visitor Center, guests will be greeted by a design that emulates an authentic mining structure. The Museum Gift Shop is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir, and soft drinks and fudge will tide you over during your tour of Bon Ami Mine. During your 30- to 45-minute tour, you will see old mining lamps and equipment, and learn about the mine’s long history, which began in 1924 when feldspar was needed for the production of Bon Ami scouring cleanser (which is also available in the Museum Gift Shop). In this authentic, historic mine, you’ll encounter the Bon Ami Waterfall, the Blacksmith Shop, and the Hidden Mine, be surrounded by veins of sparkling gems and minerals, and get to see the railroad tracks and equipment used to get the ore out of the mine. The Black Light Tunnel will delight you as the special lighting reveals the vivid colors that envelop you within the historic mine, and maybe even inspire you to come back to Emerald Village for one of their special Black Light Tours. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a swallow or one of the fish that live in the deep, dark waters of Bon Ami Mine. And don’t leave your camera behind at our Linville Falls Lodging; since photography is permitted at this historical Gem Mines NC Linville, you’ll want to bring it along with you!

Yet another reason to visit this fantastic NC Attraction during your stay at our Vacation Rentals in Western NC is the Discovery Mill Building at Emerald Village. This free attraction is home to thirteen different levels of shops and exhibits, each of which is dedicated to a unique North Carolina theme or collection. With the Model Railroad Exhibit, the Black Light Mineral Display, the Homestead Museum, Native Wildlife Exhibits, and the Antique Music Museum, every member of your group of family will find something that fascinates him or her in the Discovery Mill Building’s treasure trove of unique and historical exhibits.

Our Linville NC Lodging is conveniently located so that those who visit our Western NC Mountain Cabins Rentals can enjoy unusual Western North Carolina Attractions like the historical mines of Emerald Village. Emerald Village is a great place to take the kids or to explore with friends, family members, or your significant other, and our Blue Ridge Parkway Cabins can accommodate parties of all kinds. Our Cabins Hot Tubs for Rent Western North Carolina are ideal for a romantic getaways, and outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home in our Cabins in the Pisgah National Forest. Whether you plan to visit Linville Caverns NC, the Ski Resorts in North Carolina, Biltmore Estate Asheville or experience some of the best North Carolina Hiking, our Linville Gorge Lodging is the home away from home you’ve been searching for. Why stay at overly commercialized Hotels Linville NC or Linville NC Motels when you can enjoy the peace and quiet of our scenic Linville North Carolina Cabin Rentals Lake River Creek Pond? Between the innumerable Western North Carolina Attractions and the comfort of our Rental Cabins Western NC, you won’t want to leave the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.