Cabins for rent near Linville Caverns NC

Log Cabins for rent near Linville Caverns NC

Log Cabins for rent near Linville Caverns NC

Our Cabins in Pisgah National Forest are perfect places to go to experience all of the fun and excitement of a trip to Western North Carolina. From Western North Carolina Attractions like the Ski Resorts in North Carolina, Biltmore Estate Asheville, and the Blue Ridge Parkway to natural wonders like Linville Falls, Linville Gorge NC, and Linville Caverns NC, the Grandfather Mountain North Carolina area in which our Blue Ridge Parkway Cabin Rentals are located is just minutes away from an array of fun and fascinating Western North Carolina Attractions, and there is something to do here every day of the year. Just eight miles from our Vacation Rentals in Western NC, Linville Caverns NC is a spectacular sight you won’t want to miss. A visit to Linville Caverns NC is the perfect way for visitors of all ages to spend some time during their stay at our Western NC Cabins.

North Carolina’s only show caverns, Linville Caverns NC weren’t discovered until 1837 when members of a fishing expedition lead by Henry E. Colton noticed what looked like fish swimming through solid rock. Curious, the members of the fishing party found an opening in the mountain that was large enough for them to climb into. Once inside, the men were astonished by what they saw: They were surrounded by a marvelous natural amphitheater, full of massive stalactites, stalagmites, and other unique geological formations. It wasn’t until 1937 that Linville Caverns NC were open for public tours. Since then, various improvements on lighting and pathways have created the safe, exciting touring experience that the countless visitors to Linville Caverns NC have come to know and love. Friendly, knowledgeable staff members guide visitors through the caverns, pointing out the most interesting of the caverns’ features, and all who enter marvel at the sight of the incredible scene that awaits them when they step into the world that exists inside Humpback Mountain in Linville NC.

Linville Caverns NC are open daily from March through November, and on weekends during the winter months; they open at 9 AM each day they are open, but close at different times depending on the season. Admission is very affordable, and discounts are offered to groups of twenty-five or more. Those staying at our Blue Ridge Parkway Cabins who plan to visit Linville Caverns NC are encouraged to dress warmly, as the caverns remain at 52 degrees throughout the year. Because Linville Caverns NC are active caverns, they are full of moisture, and can be very wet during periods of heavy rainfall. Jackets, sweaters, and even raincoats are recommended, as are comfortable shoes; high heels are strongly discouraged. Because Linville Caverns NC are full of confined spaces, strollers and backpacks are not allowed; however, most of the caverns are accessible by wheelchair. Guests will be happy to know that flash photography is allowed, but the staff asks that photographers do not use external light sources or tripods and that visitors be respectful of each other when taking photos of the caverns.

Just eight miles from our Linville Gorge Lodging, Linville Caverns NC are among the most majestic of the Western North Carolina Attractions. Our Vacation Rentals in Western NC are ideally located so that all of the best Western North Carolina Attractions are just minutes away. Visitors to our Western NC Cabin Rentals can easily access attractions and activities like North Carolina Fly Fishing, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ski Resorts in NC, Gem Mines NC Linville, and Biltmore Estate North Carolina. And, because our Linville Falls Lodging is located in the heart of all the fun Western North Carolina Attractions, visitors can participate in all of these great activities during their stay at our Western NC Mountain Cabins Rentals. Browse our site to plan your itinerary, or give us a call before your trip. When you stay in our Vacation Rentals in Western NC, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable time exploring Linville NC and the surrounding area.